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Exceptional Sales and Marketing Solutions Consulting

Abound Global Services is a world-class consulting firm that works with your team to identify practical solutions to Sales and Marketing challenges. 

We know your team must have the latest Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies to compete.

Our experience allows us to provide technical, measurable, and timely strategies along with the playbook your team can follow to succeed.

Let us help you THRIVE.

We offer a FREE, no obligation Strategy Session.  What challenges are your facing?  

We may have a Solution!

What We Do

Organization & Strategy 

Our mission in most engagements begins with clearing up any confusion between the role of the sales and marketing team. As digital marketing and digital assets become critical tools for all contemporary sales and marketing organizations, we introduce the latest communication tools and how to best implement them. We aim to increase your team's skills and effectiveness as sales and marketing professionals.  We are a Smartsheet Gold Services Partner.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing continues to evolve and command more of the overall marketing budget.  And if it isn't in your company, quite frankly, you're missing the boat.  A marketing strategy today must clearly include a unified SEO, CPC and social media focus.  The ROI is simply too strong, too transparent and most importantly too measurable to ignore.  We work everyday with clients in building a Marketing Strategy that includes a revised allocation between traditional and Digital Marketing campaigns.

Sales Function Strategy

We aim to strengthen our client's total understanding of the markets they sell in, the channel they utilize and all the back-office operations necessary to maximize profit and enhance their customer's sales experience. Bringing Sales and Marketing together to formulate and successfully execute Go-To-Market strategies, as well as, "tuning up" the existing strategies through necessary training and re-positioning.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

What We Are About

With more than 45 years of sales and marketing strategy, planning and successful implementation under our belts, our team of professionals offers the hands-on coaching approach to your business challenge. From the latest digital marketing strategies and analytics, to helping coordinate all the moving parts of start-up, our team has the experience you can leverage to grow quickly.  

Our role is different with each client.  In some cases were a coach, reviewing your sales and marketing strategy and assisting in the successful execution of that plan.  With other clients, we are in there with you building the plan, writing the PPM to attract investors to fund that plan and following through to the successful launch of your newly funded venture.  We are agile and experienced enough to help you best identify where our team can best support your goals.


We offer a FREE, no obligation Strategy Session.  What challenges are your facing?  

We may have a solution!